The city is located close to the Goiás – Minas Gerais border, through the BR-050, and also the capital of the state – Goiânia in a high-light position.

A lot of visitors come to the city for business issues. The recent industrial field development pushed by companies like John Deere, Mitsubish and others met the great agricuture and farming potencial and lighted up even more the attentions to the city.

From Catalão to:

Anápolis 287 Km
Belo Horizonte 560 Km
Brasília 298 Km
Goiânia 259 Km
Uberlândia 110 Km
São Paulo 738 Km
Rio de Janeiro 1.171 Km
Três Ranchos 30 Km


The city count with important and very beautiful places that deserve your visit: Historical places, parks and groves.
The proximity with Três Ranchos, where is located the beatiful lake “Lago Azul”, is also one the meaning reasons that bring us a lot of visitors.